What is AviUnite?

AviUnite is many things to different people. 

The website included full social features where you can post update, photos, videos, add friends, send messages, create groups and events and more!

AviUnite is also a a fully immersive 3D virtual world which is accessed via a viewer which you download and install on your PC. There are also application where you can access the virtual worlds via your mobile devices and at AviUnite we are currently working on developing further apps which will bring together the complete functions of the virtual world and the social networking site, enabling residents to be able to stay connected.


How do I get started?

Create your free account

We suggest using the same full name as your avatar first and last name.

Once the account has been created you should receive an activation email. If you do not receive this then please contact us via the support button at the lower right of the website.

What can I do in the virtual world and how can I access it?

The possibilities are endless!

You can meet new people,build you own virtual home, be creative, start a business.

Really there are amazing things you can do.

Download and install a viewer or add the grid to your current viewer. Information for this can be found at Downloads

Once downloaded and set up. Open your viewer enter your avatar name and password.

You will land first in the Welcome. Here you will find some information about getting started. 

As you follow the paths through the welcome you will finish at the Welcome Hub where you can find further information and an exit area to teleport boards where you can then move on and explore AviUnite.


What can I do on the social hub?

The Social Hub is accessed via our website and when logging in it will be the first page you land on. From here you can edit your profile, set your privacy settings, add friends, upload content, create groups and events message friends.

The Social Hub can also be accessed from in world via a HUD which is all explained on the Welcome when you first log into the virtual world.

The idea of creating the Social Hub is so residents/users have more ways they can stay in touch when accessing the virtual world through a desktop computer is not accessible.

What is currency and how can I get some?

At AviUnite our currency is called Avis or AU$ in world. These can be used in world to purchase items and land. 

You can purchase Avis buy logging into the website and selecting World Account. This will bring up all the details of your virtual world account, such as your avatar details.

Click on the money tab and you will see full transaction history of any purchases you have made in world and also a link to buy Avis. All transactions are handled by PayPal so all transactions are protected and the currency is delivered to you directly in world.

(If for any reason you are unable to purchase via Paypal. Please contact us via the support link at the bottom of the site page and we will discuss alternative arrangements.)

If you decided to open a business in world you can then withdraw Avis in exchange for real money.


I would like to buy land how can I do this?

All land purchases are handled via our website. 

Log into the website and click the land option from the menu bar. 

You will then be taken to all our current land options. As with the currency all land purchases are handled via PayPal to protect your transactions. 

If you are unable to purchase via PayPal we do have other options available please contact us for further details.

What is the HyperGrid?

The Hypergrid is a travel system which allows residents of other virtual worlds to visit AviUnite. Not all regions are Hypergrid (HG) enabled and these are only accessible to our residents.

The Hypergrid also allows residents of AviUnite to visit other HG enabled virtual worlds. 

More information on places you can visit on the hypergrid can be found at https://opensimworld.com/

I am having an issue how to I contact you?

You can contact the support team in various ways. 

  • Via email by clicking on the Contact us link at the bottom of each webpage.
  • By live chat using the chat bubble in the lower right of the website
  • In world at the Welcome HUB we have a list of our support mentors who you can contact in world for support.

Please note if you see an envelope image in the right corner instead of the chat icon this means there are no live agents currently online but you can still use this to send us a message and we will contact you back within 24 hours. 


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